The aim of the Relocation Services project is to provide after-care relocation support to organisations moving to Birmingham’s Enterprise Zone. The objectives of the project are to develop a whole relocation support package that will assist investment clients with their employee attraction and relocation to Birmingham. The first client to use this service was HSBC who were supported with the relocation of their new UK Headquarters to Birmingham.


West Midlands Growth delivered a bespoke relocation support package, which helps with every step of the relocation process - helping staff, companies and individuals to discover and find their feet in Birmingham. The package consists of the following tools and services: 

  • Relocation Web Site – www.relocatetobirmingham.co.uk
  • Relocation Tool 
  • Relocation mobile app
  • Concierge Enquiries Service 
  • Familiarisation Events 

The support package promotes Birmingham’s quality of life offering while also providing employees impacted by relocation with the one to one support they need to make an informed relocation decision. The relocation support package is a first of its kind to be offered by any inward investment agency in the UK. 
The relocation support package is now actively utilised by HSBC, High Speed 2 Ltd, PwC and University Hospitals Birmingham. 

 (Page on the relocation site)


Since its inception Relocation Services has supported over 400 people in relocating to Birmingham and the surrounding region, over 3700 people have engaged with the Relocation Website and the West Midlands Growth Company’s relocation support tools. Relocation services is continuing to work with relocation partners including providing continued support to 1300 HSBC staff who have expressed a desire to move to Birmingham. 

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