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Our vision is to create a defintive Partner Programme by offering newly improved membership benefits underpinned by a strong events calendar that is aligned to our regional Growth Strategy.

You can get involved in our work and become a member of Partners West Midlands and join the region’s most committed and successful supporters.

Partners West Midlands works in three ways:

  • Profile

Creating platforms for our Partners to promote their products and services more effectively.

  • Insight

Providing Partners with authoritative and timely information to enable better decision making.

  • Networking

Enabling better business relationships and engagement within and between Partner groups.

What's new in 2022?

With the introduction of Partners West Midlands, we have reimagined the previous Partner Programme to include further enhancements, including:

  • A new Partner Portal

The Partner Portal will be an exclusive centralised hub that will enable you to access insight, plans and partnership content.

  • Quality networking opportunities

A programme of activity that will include bi-monthly meetings and Destination Networking Events will be set out with firm dates.

  • More high quality insight

We will be developing more insight opportunities through the use of Quarterly Economic Digegsts, Cross Sector Initatives and Key Sector Briefings to ensure that your company has the latest cutting-edge data and information that will help your business grow in the region.

Sample activites

Below you can find an overview of what you can expect when joining Partners West Midlands.

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