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Welcome to the West Midlands India Partnership (WMIP) – an initiative that aims to enhance UK-India relations and boost trade, investment, connectivity and partnerships between the West Midlands and India.

The Partnership supports the region’s long-term economic growth plans by developing stronger links and opportunities for collaboration as part of a five-year programme of activity with the Indian market. 

The WMIP will build on India’s strong track record of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the West Midlands, acting as a single point-of-contact for potential new investors.

The region’s strong business offer has already attracted some of India’s biggest companies, including Tata Motors, State Bank of India, Infosys, OLA, Enzen Global, Suprajit Group, Elder Pharmaceuticals and more recently, Microland.

The Partnership develops stronger ties with India beyond the transactional relationship and will aim to work on areas of mutual benefit through civic partnerships, cultural collaborations and working on the living bridge of over 200,00 people of Indian origin. WMIP aims to expand on this strong base through targeted marketing and communications campaigns to encourage new Indian visitors and businesses to the West Midlands which is a part of its robust tourism strategy.

The West Midlands India Partnership is governed by two separate boards comprised of senior stakeholders, leaders and representatives. The Advisory Board is responsible for the strategic direction of the Partnership, providing advice and guidance to the Executive Board, which will shape the planning and delivery of the programme’s activity.

Find out more at http://westmidlands-india.com/

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