Tourism & Hospitality Advisory Board

What is the Tourism and Hospitality Advisory Board?

The West Midlands Tourism and Hospitality Advisory Board (THAB) is facilitated by the West Midlands Growth Company, bringing together all areas of the tourism industry to drive growth in the region’s visitor economy.

The Tourism and Hospitality Advisory Board was established in March 2023 and meets quarterly. It comprises representatives from sectors across the tourism industry and reports to the West Midlands Combined Authority and the West Midlands Mayor.

The Board’s vision is to align the activity of partners working in the tourism and hospitality industry in a way that builds a strong profile of the West Midlands as a tourist destination.

What does the Board do?

The West Midlands Tourism and Hospitality Advisory Board represents and speaks on behalf of the tourism and hospitality sector in the West Midlands. Members of the Board work to advise regional partners, aligning efforts to achieve the vision for the West Midlands.

The Board reports to both the West Midlands Combined Authority and the West Midlands Mayor. The Board can advise on policy and funding needs at a regional and national level, informing the region’s domestic and international tourism strategy.

From the Board’s perspective, a key point of growth is the success of Coventry being named the City of Culture and the incredible Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. These keystone events and achievements give the region a jumping-off point for further economic growth in the tourism and hospitality sector.

To this end, the Board meets quarterly, attending further meetings and appointments where necessary, while serving or leading any relevant task forces in between.

The Board also:

  • Acts as a sector consultee for proposals (such as from the UK Government or the British Tourist Authority)
  • Give weight to the sector when lobbying to decision- and policy-makers
  • Provide a high-profile voice for tourism and hospitality in the region
  • Review progress made by the West Midlands Growth Company and other relevant hospitality bodies to deliver sustainable tourism and hospitality services, such as ensuring that national initiatives are properly leveraged for action in the region

Decisions of the Board are made by discussion and consensus, rather than a vote, although a formal vote can be called for should the Board be unable to reach a shared decision.

The Tourism and Hospitality Board members are passionate, knowledgeable individuals with experience and influence in the sector. They share the core value of wanting to grow the sector sustainably, generating and protecting jobs for the people of the region, while creating memorable experiences for visitors

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