How We're Run

Learn about how the West Midlands Growth Company is backed by the West Midlands Combined Authority and its seven constituent metropolitan authorities, as well as five of the region’s universities, which brings together the strengths of the public, private and academic sector to deliver sustainable, inclusive growth for the West Midlands. 

The West Midlands Growth Company is a not-for-profit organisation. For the current period July 2023 - March 2025, we are funded by:

  • Regional contributions from the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) (82%)
  • Contributions from University partners and Department for Business & Trade (DBT) (3%)
  • Commercial activity and partnerships (15%)*

Our Members

The West Midlands Growth Company is a company limited by guarantee, wholly owned by the WMCA and its seven members (like shareholders). They are:

West Midlands Combined Authority logo
Birmingham City Council logo
City of Wolverhampton Council logo
Coventry City Council logo
Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council logo
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council logo
Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council logo

Our Board

The WMGC Board is made up of 20 experts from local authorities, universities, and the private sector.

The Board is responsible for:

  • Setting the direction of the business
  • Holding the Leadership Team to account for performance

The Board is supported by:

  • The Strategy & Planning Committee
  • Audit & Risk Committee
  • Nominations & Remuneration Committee 
  • Other task & finish groups as required

Each of the WMCA and its seven constituent authorities can make appointments to the WMGC Board.

Our Leadership Team

WMGC’s Leadership Team is responsible for: 

  • Assessing the external environment and actively managing risk 
  • Balancing our ambition to deliver campaigns and programmes with risks 
  • Maintaining a focus on the best, longer-term outcomes for the region over the short-term benefits for the Company 
  • Monitoring performance against delivery, and implementing change control where necessary

The Leadership Team also ensure accurate and transparent reporting to the WMGC Board, Economic Growth Board, and Company members.

Tourism and Hospitality Advisory Board

The West Midlands Tourism and Hospitality Advisory Board (THAB) represents, and speaks on behalf of, the tourism and hospitality sector in the West Midlands. The THAB responds to 45 national and regional consultations and policy documents, advising the WMCA and WMGC, reporting through the WMGC Board and Economic Growth Board.

Economic Growth Board

The Economic Growth Board is accountable for WMGC. It helps to ensure that, along with the Innovation Board, Create Central, Cultural Leadership Board and Energy Capital Board, we are united in delivering the region’s economic and levelling-up ambitions. The Economic Growth Board provides strong, democratically accountable leadership to the strategic oversight of the West Midlands' approach to driving green and inclusive economic growth.

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