Image: Alpha Works, Alpha Tower

Shared and private workspaces, nestled high up in Birmingham’s iconic Alpha Tower with panoramic views over the City Centre.

What We Deliver for the West Midlands

We bring together the strengths of the public, private and academic sectors to deliver sustainable, inclusive growth for the West Midlands. Inclusive growth is economic growth that raises living standards for the broad local population.

We do this by attracting investment, businesses and visitors to the West Midlands to grow the economy, create jobs and deliver a better quality of life for those who live and work here.

Our Success This Period (April 2023 -)

We measure success in key performance indicators of our strategic objectives: Create and Sustain Good Jobs for Local People, Create and Sustain Vibrant Destinations, and Enhance the Profile and Reputation of the Region.

GC - Jobs Created 20 May 24

6,548 jobs created

GC - Companies landed 20 May 24

80 foreign companies set up or expanded

GC - Event landed 20 May 24

8 major business conferences landed

GC - Sporting events landed 20 May 24

6 major sporting events landed

GC - VB website users 20 May 24

1.8M people visited

GC - media pr 20 May 24

1.1B people reached by PR and media

(Updated May 2024)

Delivering for the West Midlands through the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games (July 2021 - March 2023)

The Business and Tourism Programme (BATP) was set up to leverage the long-term economic benefits of the Commonwealth Games. It was a fantastic opportunity to establish positive perceptions of the West Midlands in the international imagination. The first economic programme to sit alongside a Commonwealth Games, the BATP delivered:

  • 58 investment projects
  • 2,600 jobs
  • 20 conferences and events
  • £17.2m of visitor spend

and promoted the West Midlands brand to a global audience of five billion people. 

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