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An archaeologist by training, Wendy has worked in the museum sector for over 35 years, from looking after a Roman Bath House to being responsible for opening the first Museum and Art Gallery in Rugby.

Spending 10 years with Arts Council England she was responsible for maintaining relationships and acting as a critical friend with a number of museums in the Midlands, including Birmingham Museums Trust, Ironbridge Museums and Leicester Museum.

She has extensive experience in business improvement including working for the National Audit Office undertaking  Comprehensive Area Assessments on  Local Authorities. She passionately believes in the power of culture to improve and enhance the places people live and visit.

Currently living in Coventry she is also a Trustee for Culture Coventry. She enjoys going to Italy for both the food, and culture - and is a devoted ( some might say obsessive) book collector with currently 4,000 books on her shelves.

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