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Laura Shoaf CBE was appointed Chief Executive of the West Midlands Combined Authority in November 2021. Having previously led Transport for West Midlands, Laura has expanded her focus to include driving inclusive economic growth; increasing skills provision; regenerating land and housing; enhancing the environment and improving transport connectivity across the region.

 A recognised expert who has advised on national policy, Laura secured and oversaw the delivery of a £4 billion transport investment package for the region. She was the first female Chair of the Urban Transit Group and during her term supported the transport industry on its recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, Laura was appointed by the Department for Transport as one of the UK’s first Violence Against Women and Girls Transport Champions, and is tasked with working with passenger groups to identify areas for improvement across the country.

Laura has a demonstrated track record of success in delivering change, most recently highlighted in securing the region’s Trailblazer Deeper Devolution Deal which will see a seismic shift in power and influence from Westminster to the West Midlands.

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