From bicycles, rugby and heavy metal to the latest advances in life sciences and zero carbon technology, the West Midlands’ innovators, products and ideas have helped drive Britain forward and shape the world.

Much is known of our industrial past. In recent times we’ve been better at making it happen, than shouting about our success. Our new ’50 ways the West Midlands has made its mark’ campaign is a great way to showcase the region’s contribution nationally and internationally.

This campaign focuses on our innovation, creativity, design and making – one of the four pillars of the West Midlands brand. We’ve created a toolkit to help us all tell that story – there’s everything from social graphics to a Spotify list.

It would be great if you can pick your favourite facts and share them from your LinkedIn, write a blog or use your corporate channels – they make great content for presentations as well.

Global innovators such as Mondelēz International, Changan, Rolls-Royce, Tata and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) have made their homes here thanks to access to a strong, growing workforce and the closeness of world-leading research and education institutions.

The pacemaker; the world’s leading brain cancer drug; links between flashes on television and epilepsy; and the world’s first Ibuprofen patch were all pioneered in the Universities of the West Midlands. And give us a great way to talk about our life science credentials – picking up on the data-driven healthcare element of the West Midlands Industrial Strategy.

The 50 ways also give the opportunity to highlight our many unique attractions. The West Midlands is the birthplace of Shakespeare, rugby and 2-tone music. It has inspired many, including JRR Tolkien and heavy metal music. The 50 facts can be used to encourage people to visit or host an event in the region.

Located at the heart of the nation, the West Midlands people stick out by getting stuck in and making a difference. Let’s come together and tell our story.

Caroline Broadway
Head of Marketing and Communications 

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