About Iventis

Iventis is the leading provider of event and venue planning solutions. We enable international teams to collaboratively plan and deliver major events and operations, using 3D virtual venues to maximise events' potential.

Trusted globally since 2015, Iventis has supported major events such as the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, Special Olympics World Games 2023, Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, Dubai Expo 2020, the European Championships Munich 2022, and many more. 

Our geospatial platform provides a comprehensive set of tools for all operations, bringing together mapping and CAD data into an easy-to-use visual format for precise, real-time planning.

Joe Cusdin Iventis

Joe Cusdin
Founder and CEO

On SportAccord...

"We are passionate about the role our innovative planning technology plays in supporting the efficient planning of major events, operations, and venues worldwide, and are thrilled to be part of the Sport Accord community.  The event serves as an ideal platform to showcase our suite of products, including our planning, competition scheduler, and digital twin solutions.

We are particularly excited to be partnering with the host city. Using our technology, delegates will have the opportunity to take an interactive virtual tour of venues across the West Midlands."

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