Following the success of last year’s SciSPORT event, Millennium Point is hosting a SciMED showcase on Monday 10th July, to inspire young people to consider the myriad of STEM careers within the broad spectrum of the medical sector.

School children from across the West Midlands will have the chance to be inspired with all things ‘medical’, from traditional roles of doctors, vets and dentists to wider STEM-related sectors such as physiology, health, wellbeing, pharmaceuticals - and so much more.

Last year’s sports careers event saw 1,000 visitors, ranging from school children to company representatives, educators, and exhibitors, creating a hub of knowledge and insight. The SciMED showcase is aimed at upper primary and lower secondary school pupils, giving them the opportunity to see STEM in action.

Visitors can take part in interactive workshops, as well as meeting exhibitors and speakers. Exhibitors this year include doctors, vets, first aid organisations, dentists, tech-related industries and universities. Among the exhibitors, students can explore current medical practices, dental practices over the years, Sports and Fitness, optics and eye conditions, and a number of activities through ThinkTank science museum.

Abbie Vlahakis, CEO of Millennium Point, commented:

“The SciMED showcase is a fantastic opportunity to promote STEM education across the region and encourage young people to explore some incredibly exciting careers. This event will give them the chance to find out about areas of medicine that they hadn’t previously considered. Utilising our space to develop talent and prospects for future generations is exactly why we do what we do.”

Schools who wish to sign up to attend the event can email