West Midlands universities educate 150,000 students and produce more than 50,000 graduates each year. Working closely with business and industry, their individual research and innovation specialisms combine to secure our region’s economic future.

Rooted in the West Midlands, their impact is global. Our universities are at the forefront of positive change: improving health, driving transport forward, storing energy, improving construction, advancing manufacturing, enabling entrepreneurs and making people’s lives better.

Each university makes a vital contribution, offering leadership and game-changing innovation in specialist fields. Our universities are researching, designing and building new business opportunities that drive the West Midlands forward. Engaging with universities in the West Midlands gives business the opportunity to:

  • Access the latest in sector innovation and thought-leadership
  • Solve real-world problems with up-to-date academic expertise
  • Bring products to market in a reduced-risk environment
  • Benefit from tailored support and growth advice
  • Be part of a supportive and entrepreneurial network that connects research with application across business sectors.

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"The UK science and academic community has an international reputation for excellence across the aerospace industry. The UK aerospace Industrial Strategy and its focus on productivity, innovation and skills relies on great science research and a flow of top-quality students into aerospace careers.”

Paul Everitt, Chief Executive, ADS

Download the Aerospace universities fast fact sheet. 

"This is a sector where we lead the world. Autonomous vehicles are being tested in Birmingham, electric taxis manufactured in Coventry, and Range Rovers are sold around the globe.”

Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands

Download the Automotive & Transport universities fast fact sheet. 

"Over the past 25-30 years, the business and professional services sector has been ascendant in the West Midlands. The sector represents one of our strongest assets, not only for the contribution it makes to the regional economy but also for the vital ecosystem that supports the growth of businesses in other sectors.”

Ian Barnes 

Download the BPFS universities fast fact sheet. 

"We can do things in the West Midlands that would be very difficult to do in most other places – we have input into programmes from high-end academics through to all kinds of productions skills.”

Jonnie Turpie, Founder and Director, Maverick TV

Download the Creative Industries universities fast fact sheet. 

"I think the Midlands is literally the heart of game development in the UK. It’s a growing base for indie and mobile developers – and over the years I’ve seen really exciting studios pop up. The Midlands has become a thriving hub of creativity and development.”

Louise O’Connor, Executive Producer at Rare

Download the Gaming & AI universities fast fact sheet. 

"The West Midlands offers an unparalleled blend of businesses, universities and research translation centres, coupled with strong collaboration, research and clustering activities which combine to make an established and wellconnected ecosystem.”

Medilink West Midlands

Download the Health & Life Sciences universities fast fact sheet. 

"The future is happening. Our universities and R&D centres are working with the private sector to drive down emissions and develop technology, supporting sectors which will create the jobs of the future here in the West Midlands.”

Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands

Download the Low Carbon Technologies universities fast fact sheet. 

"Innovation in new, advanced materials is clearly transforming the world that we live in, and the possibilities of influencing material properties at the atomic scale and the convergence of biology, physics and chemistry creates opportunities that we are only just starting to explore.”

Advanced Materials Leadership Council

Download the Materials universities fast fact sheet. 

Key figures and facts about the Universities in the West Midlands

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