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Working with our partners, the West Midlands Growth Company has gathered a set of facts called ‘50 ways the West Midlands has made its mark’. This ranges from rugby and heavy metal to the latest advances in life sciences and zero carbon technology.

The content is being used to sell the West Midlands to investors and visitors from across the UK and overseas, by demonstrating the region’s creativity, originality and innovation. This includes social media, PR and stakeholder relations, to help promote the region far and wide.

Our latest tool is a collection of interactive timelines about the West Midlands. They cover the region’s visitor economy, its inward investment strengths and the people who have lived and worked here. Feel free to travel back in time:

Invest in the West Midlands

Visit the West Midlands

Spirit of the West Midlands

A document with all 50 facts is also available to view online, along with a toolkit that includes images, gifs, a Spotify playlist and suggested social posts. You can also share the stories and heritage of the West Midlands using #50waysWM.

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