In addition to having one of the UK’s youngest and most diverse populations, the city enjoys easy connections to more than 150 markets around the world through Birmingham’s fast-growing airport, as well as an unparalleled strategic location at the heart of the UK. The introduction of High Speed Rail will also bring the journey time to London down to just 38 minutes.

Above all, Birmingham offers talent across the spectrum of insurance, accountancy, banking, law, FinTech and support services. In addition to a wealth of experienced talent, each year business, finance and law graduates pour into the city from its surrounding universities, drawing in global firms such as HSBC, PwC and Goldman Sachs.

That talent pipeline is also driving an expansion in new sectors, such as tech. With around 3000 tech businesses generating over £2billion for the local economy, Birmingham has the largest tech sector outside London and is home to more software developers, programmers and software architects than any other regional city in the UK.

Yet again, the city has achieved record-levels of construction activity with both developer and investor confidence high as preparation for HS2 gets underway and the 2022 Commonwealth Games draws ever closer. The opening of the metro extension will further enhance connectivity across the city and will help drive forward a new phase of development. 

Taken together, Birmingham’s location, infrastructure and exceptional talent make this a compelling destination to do business and investment.

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