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I am the Executive Director Neighbourhoods at Sandwell Council, my directorate covers a vast range of council services and functions across highways, regeneration and growth, housing and communities.  

I lead the teams who deliver on the council’s regeneration, strategy and development. I am responsible for ensuring that the council is working closely with local businesses and those who are looking to locate within the borough to offer them the advice and support that they require. I also have to ensure our Housing Services and Planning Teams are bringing about the required developments within the borough to give new employment and housing opportunities to our residents and that the roads and highways within are maintained and traffic is kept moving.

My role is extremely rewarding;  I like being able to make a difference to our residents and businesses and I am proud that the people I work with are extremely dedicated to making Sandwell an exciting place to live, work and visit.  I believe that we are a truly progressive Local Authority that supports growth and development and we constantly strive to ensure that we are offering the highest possible quality services.