Each month, we will put a team member in the hotseat by asking them some insightful questions about their career and interests.

This month, it is time for our Senior Business Development Executive Marcia Beckford to answer our questions. Here are the responses:

  1.  What do you do at WMGC?

    My role is to engage with businesses from the region's tourism sector to support WMGC's mission of attracting tourism, meetings, events and investment to Birmingham and the West Midlands. This mission cannot be fulfilled without input and support from organisations from across the region, therefore I work closely with them to create benefical relationships that support both WMGC's goals and our Partners' goals.

  2.  What do you like about working at WMGC?

    As a result of our combined effort as a team, it is a fantastic to see the regional landscape evolving as new business opportunities arise across the West Midlands as a result of our continued efforts. The team are phenomenal and it is great being part of that.
  3. What is something clients in your industry have to deal with that you want to fix?

    Post-Covid the tourism sector continues to face difficult challenges, in particular those companies that rely on office-based workers to support their company. This is something myself and the team are actively working to fix.
  4. Where have you worked in the past?

    A photographer's; a customer service centre; a training centre, which focused on the provision of education and training for young disadvataged people in the West Midlands; and, an economic development corporation, which improved the standard of housing and the environment across Bordesley, Aston and Nechells.
  5.  What's your background?

    Secretarial and customer relations across various industries.
  6. What's your favourite quote?

    'People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.' (Maya Angelou) - I always think about this when developing relationships with clients.
  7. What book are you currently reading?

    Malcolm X's autobiography, again. He was a strong civil rights activist. I admire his leadership - giving hope to those oppressed.
  8.  What are the values that drive you?

    Genuine wellbeing, authenticity, and empathy for others. I try to stick to these values as much as possible, which is why I support young people at Childline once a week as a Volunteer Childline Counsellor.
  9. What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

    I am one of five siblings, so for me, it is all about quality time with family and friends whether socialising at home, eating out or planning weekend breaks.

You can connect with Marcia on LinkedIN or contact her via email.

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