The route to growth looks different for every private business.  In many instances, it can be an acquisition or entering new markets overseas.  Increasingly it is about using technology in new ways.  To make it work, the fundamentals remain; smart investments, having the right people in the right place, robust systems and strong governance.  

The moments that made me guide from KPMG is focused on growth, an enduring theme for private capital businesses.  Told through the voice of private capital leaders, the guide features first-hand, personal CEO stories from across the UK and brings together the human aspects of the role, alongside practical, valuable insight from KPMG experts – highlighting six pathways to growth.

Included in the first edition of the report are two stories from businesses in our own Midlands region – Jill Palmer, CEO of Click Travel who explains how she created a culture to support rapid growth and Alan Press, Executive Chairman of Kimal who shares their approach to innovation and technology.

Download the report for all the CEO stories and expert advice to help you achieve your business growth ambition or get in touch here to explore growth opportunities for your business. 

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