Advertising and trading measures

Details on the Birmingham Commonwealth Games Act 2020 can be found on the site (through the link above), which sets out a small number of essential, temporary measures around advertising and trading rules that must be followed by businesses.

Tender opportunities

From construction to legal services Birmingham 2022 creates tons of opportunities to find your next tender.

Click the link above to find out where you can search for tenders, procedures and tips for winning a tender with Birmingham 2022.

Travel advice

During the Games more than a million people from across the globe will be travelling around the region.

With this increase in footfall, we urge you to take a look at the travel advice so that you can share it with customers and employees alike. For example, did you know, people with a ticket for the Games can access public transport for free? This could be useful to both your employees who may be enjoying the Games or customers who are staying in your hotels.

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