For this STEAMlab, we will look at "how Birmingham's ‘spaces' can better serve their young people". For example:

  • how public, communal space, which does not incur a cost for its use, is increasingly becoming a premium;
  • how to overcome the rapid decline of youth centres and other spaces;
  • how young people feel like the city isn’t for them and is pushing them out.

The Brum Youth Trends report recommends that intermediaries ’translating’ between cultures are a key part of a solution that looks for a ‘communicative culture’ to facilitate dialogue between different groups in the city.

This STEAMlab will address this Deepening Divide: 

  • working together to find practical solutions in cross-discipline teams;
  • using the Brum Youth Trends findings to turn challenges into real opportunities;
  • empowering young people and giving them an equal voice and stake in the city and its future.

Join us on 20th and 21st November, be part of the conversation and help shape the future of the city.

(Oh, and please bring your laptop along with you)

What is a STEAMlab?

A STEAMlab is a hack-style event in which we bring regional SMEs and creatives together to collaborate and work together to find a solution to a real problem faced by another business. Extracare Retirement Villages will be the focus in this STEAMlab.

Why? We believe that by working with peers from different industries, with different skillsets, we will be able to combine our knowledge and expertise to develop a solution to the problem – or as the old saying goes “two heads are better than one.”

STEAMlabs are a high-energy, creative and collaborative event, with the opportunity for new solutions to be fast-tracked and/or funded for the next stage of development!

Why attend our STEAMlabs?

  • Selected teams can gain access to support and funding to turn your ideas into solutions
  • Discover new ways of thinking which can be applied to your business
  • Make new connections with a variety of local professionals, creatives, SMEs and more
  • Be inspired to innovate and take your business to the next level

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