How do the best companies deal with changes in their environment to give them a competitive advantage? Whether it's embracing change or baking in resilience, companies have the ability to transform their products, teams and strategy to outpace their competition.The benefits of this type of bravery? Unexpected fruitful opportunities for the taking.

Meet entrepreneur and technology strategist Tamara Lohan, Founder and CTO at Mr & Mrs Smith and Non-executive Director of Not On The High Street. This event will challenge your attitudes to change and resilience, placing these themes at the heart of organisational culture – it is with great pleasure we invite you to join.

Mr and Mrs Smith started life as a boutique guide to luxury hotels. Today, it is a £80 million annual business and only a tiny percentage of its revenues come from book sales. Responding to market changes and consumer expectations, the business pivoted to become one of the world’s most successful accommodation brands booking services and built a global travel club with more than 1.5 million members in more than 100 countries.

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