An opportunity to contribute to the economic prosperity of the West Midlands region and its residents, at the same time as helping to build a sector capable of solving the world’s carbon challenges. 

WMGC's Inward Investment team promote the West Midlands as a location in which global organisations can invest, grow and thrive. Your role will be to support the promotion the West Midlands region’s Advanced Manufacturing and Low Carbon sectors nationally and internationally, attracting job-creating and transformative investment into the region. The purpose of all of this is to support businesses in these sectors to set up in the West Midlands and create employment here, as well as supporting the growth of businesses already here. 

The West Midlands has a proud manufacturing heritage, with internationally-renowned manufacturing brands like JLR, Aston Martin and the London EV Company headquartered here. An unrivalled collection of research institutions, universities and training academies, plus a forward-thinking regional government, well-connected geography and strong supply chain, make the West Midlands’ proposition very strong. We just need you to help us articulate it and get the message out there!

The successful candidate will have an ability to quickly get into the weeds of what makes a business tick, understanding how investment decisions are made, and crucially, be able to communicate why and how the West Midlands offer supports that investment. Building and fostering great relationships will be key, as well as being able to work to individual goals in a collaborative, friendly and high performing team. Aside from working through specific, investor-led projects, this role will also require a level of broad, strategic thinking about how the West Midlands can be promoted on a global scale, and a candidate who can think creatively and differently about ambitious business development and investment promotion strategies is sought.

What do we mean by “Low Carbon?”

Reference to the “Low Carbon sector” or “Low Carbon economy” relate to businesses operating in the economic sector self-defined as low carbon, for example in the energy, built environment and water sectors, or the manufacturing of low carbon technologies such as heat pumps. The purpose of this role is to increase investment and employment across businesses who identify as forming part of that sector. This is distinct from active encouragement of decarbonisation of businesses, homes and public spaces across the West Midlands, which is beyond the scope of this role.

Main Responsibilities and Key Activities

  • Identify and translate the strengths of, and opportunities within, the West Midlands into a compelling value proposition to attract job-creating investment within the advanced manufacturing and low carbon sectors, from key global and domestic investment markets.
  • Develop a strong knowledge of the advanced manufacturing and low carbon sectors, forging relationships with key stakeholders and maintaining an understanding of the impact of policy and economic conditions on the sectors.  
  • Generate and manage own pipeline of projects to deliver job creation in the region, as well as work alongside colleagues to ensure effective handling of projects across a range of sub-sectors and sizes.
  • Monitor, review and refine business development strategies. Undertake external business development activity to identify, support and secure inward investment and expansion projects to achieve an increase in job creation (in line with the goals and objectives of WMGC, including across various contracts, for example with Department for Business and Trade (“DBT”)).
  • Undertake planned marketing and lead generation activities (trade fairs, exhibitions etc) to showcase the strengths and opportunities within the West Midlands, including the strengths of our university and commercial partners.
  • Take a lead role in account management of a number strategic, West Midlands businesses in collaboration with local partners, with the aim of generating business growth and securing expansion projects.
  • Work closely with the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) and their relevant sector teams on agreed account management plans for strategic foreign direct investors (FDI), aimed at generating/supporting inward investment expansion projects.
  • Identify commercial and revenue-generating opportunities for commercial partners of  WMGC and engage them, where appropriate, to support the development of business development strategies.
  • Develop and maintain a detailed knowledge of the relevant West Midlands property market, and work closely with and influence the property community, to aid the attraction of advanced manufacturing and low carbon sector occupiers and to stimulate investment within local firms.
  • Forge and develop effective relationships across and between the public and private sectors within the West Midlands to send out a coordinated message to potential investors. This will include engaging with key industry associations and trade bodies relevant to the sector, as well as WMGC shareholders (the West Midlands Combined Authority, and seven relevant local authorities).
  • Build influence within the relevant UK Government and international teams (Midlands Engine, DBT etc..) to ensure the West Midlands is perceived as an obvious region for them to direct inward investment opportunities to, and is a key part of their plans and activity.
  • Efficiently, thoroughly and consistently use current customer relationship management (CRM) systems to ensure regular and effective evaluation of activity, and transparency of lead generation across the region.

This role is office-based (Birmingham) with flexibility to work from home, but will also require work across the West Midlands, with occasional national and possibly international travel.

The post reports to Senior Business Development Manager – Low Carbon, but projects may involve working with the Advanced Manufacturing Sector Lead, Head of Inward Investment, the Chief Investment Officer, the Chief Executive Officer, or any number of other WMGC posts.

You can view the full job description including key skills and competency requirements, here

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