Keen to include as many people as possible, Brindleyplace is focused on using its unique position as a business and leisure hub to help not just the people who work across the estate every day, but everyone who has been affected by the recent Covid crisis and lockdown.

All classes will be free to attend and are designed to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Webinars and classes will cover a range of topics such as sleep hygiene and mindfulness, as well as pilates and yoga classes. 

Stacey Muir, Marketing Executive at Brindleyplace, said:

“Brindleyplace has always been focused on wellbeing for both its workers and the wider community and was a pioneer of promoting work-life balance. We are keen to support staff and promote activity that supports a healthier, workforce, particularly during these difficult times.

“The World Health Organisation (WHO) reports that mental illness affects one in four people across the world – that could be a quarter of the Brindley working population and therefore 2,500 people.

The NHS also reports that one in 3 adults in the UK suffers from insomnia – with 10,000 workers on-site at Brindleyplace that is equivalent to 3,333 Brindley workers.

“We hope that hosting webinars on topics such as stress management and getting a better night’s sleep will help support those who will may need it right now.”

Stacey adds:

“The week is also an extension of our existing commitments to health and wellbeing, and using a digital format due to lockdown means we can potentially reach more people than before.

“As a home to a range of local, national and multinational businesses, Brindleyplace acknowledges that people all over the world, wherever they are, are all in this together.” 

To view a full programme of activities, visit www.brindleyplace.com/whats-on