ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance – is an internationally recognised framework approach for understanding and measuring the degree to which organisations operate sustainably.

Integrating ESG approaches across the estate’s existing strategies will proactively identify, assess and manage opportunities for maximising the value that Brindleyplace offers to its tenants, visitors, and the city in general.

While recognising the estate’s existing excellent carbon record and its initiatives for reducing the impact of everything it does, Hoare Lea will also be looking for new ways to increase that impact.

It will also advise Brindleyplace on delivering even more impact and how to involve more people – including occupiers, visitors, and the local community – on the journey.

It is also about exploring ways of making sustainability more inclusive and of real community benefit to everyone while making decision making and policy initiatives more transparent and effective.

Diana Sanchez Barajas, from Hoare Lea, says:

"Brindleyplace is one of the most exciting estates we’ve ever examined in terms of the quality of the work it has already done and its on-going potential as a highly sustainable and inclusive destination for both now and the future. By helping places and people on their journey to greater sustainability, we are promoting a holistic, long-term programme of solutions for the challenges we all face."

Hoare Lea is a recognised leader in assisting companies, organisations and destinations reach their sustainability potential and helps them by identifying, recording, assessing, and articulating their ESG aims, objectives, and future plans.

These might include efforts to reduce carbon footprint, expand initiatives and promote community involvement while also supporting inclusivity.

Matt Long, Head of Customer Engagement and Placemaking at Brindleyplace, says:

"Brindleyplace is a special part of Birmingham’s landscape precisely because of its pro-active focus on wellbeing, its location in the centre of the city’s green and blue infrastructure, and its outstanding public realm.

"Our refurbishment programme across the estate is helping us and our occupiers work smarter and more imaginatively to reduce our carbon footprint. By bringing Hoare Lea on board, we’re developing that proposition further and elevating it by looking at where we can improve and deliver even more for our visitors, occupiers, and the wider community."

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