The way we tell our story is important, it reflects the personality of our region, which has achieved so much. It has helped Britain make its mark in the world. But because we value deed more than words, we have not shouted about our success in the past. Help us capture who we are and what we stand for:

Home to innovators, creators and designers. Learners, doers and makers. But not braggers, shouters or song and dancers. Our way is a different way. We do extraordinary things in unexpected ways. We stick out by getting stuck in. The understated over-achievers.

No boast, just better. Modestly going about the business of being brilliant. Quietly causing a revolution. Confident in who’ve we’ve been, who we are, and who we will become. Making a difference. Making it count. Making our mark. But never making a fuss. West Midlands.

The brief

Create a short film (up to five minutes) that captures the regional spirit, which is embodied by the people who innovate, create and make here in the West Midlands. It needs to speak to our audiences as a standalone piece, which ideally can be submitted to film festivals.

In summary we need to capture…

We’ll then look for two shorter edits that will solely be used with investors and visitors to help us show them what the region has to offer. We’d like to share the film making journey with regularly updates, pictures and clips to tell the story as we go.

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