Following Cordia’s acquisition of Blackswan last month, the company’s development timeline has been rapidly accelerated, meaning that recruitment is key for Cordia Blackswan. 

This comes at a time when unemployment rates across the UK have increased to 4.5%, its highest rate in three years. 

The recruitment drive has already begun, with Cordia Blackswan recently hiring an office manager and a marketing and sales executive as the first in a long line of hires.

Cordia Blackswan is also on the hunt for a real estate analyst, a finance manager, as well a number of development surveyors. 

Managing Director of Cordia Blackswan Marcus Hawley stated: 

“We’re very happy that we are now in a position to grow our team and bring new talent with fresh ideas into Cordia Blackswan. These new hires will be crucial to us in this dynamic growth period that we have ahead of us. We envision this is only the beginning and that there is much more to come from the Cordia Blackswan team.”

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