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More than a century after the University of Birmingham was established to unlock the global potential of a progressive city, we are still committed to strengthening our national and global influence while remaining at the heart of the city’s renaissance. Our campus is home to a wealth of public museums, galleries, archives, libraries, and cultural venues. We welcome you to visit, be inspired, expand your knowledge and enjoy.

The University of Birmingham is partnering with the Business And Tourism Programme to drive long-term economic benefit for our region and boost the West Midlands and the UK’s global reputation. As an institution with strong civic roots, we work closely with business and policymakers to address some of the key global challenges of our time: focusing on sustainability and the path to net zero through the decarbonisation of heat and transport; addressing inequalities across healthcare, access to opportunities and skills development and innovating with organisations across our region, nationally and internationally to support inclusive, sustainable growth.

Sport is integral to life at the University of Birmingham, and it is regularly ranked in the top five in the UK for the quality of student sport. It was the first UK University to offer a Sport and Exercise Sciences degree. Today its researchers continue to support the physical activity needs of individuals and communities both in the West Midlands region and across the world, informing new approaches to performance, rehabilitation and health.

We are looking forward to the Games highlighting the strong sense of pride that is felt among our students, staff, alumni and wider community as we make the most of the opportunities the event presents. We are an international community with more than 8,000 staff, 38,000 students and over 300,000 alumni from more than 150 countries and all Commonwealth nations and territories. During the Games, we will welcome nations, territories and athletes from across the Commonwealth to our campus on the 11 days of the Games.


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